We here at Blogger News love to be involved in giving people the opportunity to snag swag!

Our good friends over at History Publishing Company are about to release a new book Homeland Insecurity, and it’s a cracker! I know because I have read a pre-release version. Who is is your favorite Power Addict in Washington DC?

Homeland Insecurity selects 12 Power Addicts and explains their ‘crimes’. But who are these magic twelve? And what are their crimes? Well to answer it fully you will  have to wait until September 25th, but, there is a way that you can be among the very first people to read this book that pulls off the wraps of the dirty games that politicians play.

Author Terry Turchie is an ex FBI guy, in fact he was somewhat of a wheel in the organization, he was the lead investigator on the Unabomber hunt, and the man that brought Ted Kaczynski to trial. Terry pulls no punches. While the thrust of the book is about how the politicians post 9/11 have made the US more insecure, don’t be fooled, they were at it long before Al Qaeda became a household name.

If you are a political junkie, and want to see if you can get your own ‘hot off the press’ copy of Homeland Insecurity head on over to www.DCpoweraddicts.com and see if you can identify this weeks Power Addict. Each week leading up to the release date History Publishing will be giving away a first edition copy.

I’ll even give a hint, well I do want to see a Blogger News reader win. The person involved is not part of the Kennedy clan, so that should narrow the culprits down considerably 🙂

Simon Barrett


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