The world is awash in podcasts. With the internet, we now have infinite choice. I don’t know about you, but my time is valuable. I don’t have a lot of time available to listen to things I love, so I have to choose carefully. That’s why I want to highlight the IndieGoGo campaign for the re-invention of Radio Titans.

I stumbled across Grand Theft Audio in 2009. It struck me because the hosts – Jake Belcher, Brant Thoman, and Carl Kozlowski – actually made me laugh out loud. Somehow they managed to slam together pop culture, politics, entertainment, music, and anything else that just seemed to fit, and make this crazy buffet of laughter. As someone who never much cared for stand-up or sketch comedy, I was dumbfounded that I actually enjoyed this show. They took all the things I was interested in and made it something other than sketch, other than stand-up. It was more like hearing some great stories with some great friends, sitting at a bar somewhere.

When Carl founded Radio Titans, a cornucopia of other shows, my podcast dance card filled up quickly. I was actually annoyed that this podcast trend had captured so much of my time and yet, it was like appointment-television. I didn’t want to miss anything. By a stroke of fortune, I ended up getting to know Carl Kozlowski a little bit. He’s this roly-poly fellow with a hearty laugh, and is genuinely hilarious, even in person. I was particularly impressed that Carl has had enormous success attracting all kinds of talent. Radio Titans is held in high esteem by Los Angeles comedians, actors, writers, producers, and musicians. named Radio Titans one of the top fifty radio outlets and with good reason.

Now, Radio Titans is set to return to internet radio. It will have new shows featuring BET/Comedy Central star and national headliner Shang; Ruben Paul, national club headliner and world-tour opener for George Lopez and Russell Peter; Brian Scolaro, a US and Canadian headliner who has co-starred in four network sitcoms. Bil Dwyer, six-time Tonight Show comic and former host of Comedy Central’s “Battle Bots” is back. So is “Little Ethnic Girls” with superhot female comic Helen Hong and Maria Shehata.

Radio Titans is also changing its format to include music shows with live bands, as well as humorous podcasts on diverse subjects like gourmet cooking, dog training and –- my favorite –bounty hunting. Shows will also include “Pajama Party”, a late night talk show with a live in-studio band, three hosts, a guest comic and musicians. There’s also a show on the week’s new film releases.

Knowing Carl as a terrific interviewer, I am personally looking forward to the return of “Kozversations”, his interview show that’s featured everyone from Burt Bacharach to Henry Rollins. Carl is also lauching “The Koz Effect”, a panel show featuring comics from both the Left and the Right taking down the week’s news.

Carl told me, “I’m determined to have Radio TItans be an important force in comedy and podcasting, as well as in politics during the 2014 and 2016 election campaigns as we launch some impressive politically themed shows. Even if there’s just a couple of days left in my IndieGoGo campaign, I’m hoping people can jump aboard and help make both a dream and a real-life comeback happen.”

It’s rare that I will highlight any kind of internet programming, and even rarer to suggest you donate your hard-earned money to an IndieGoGo campaign. However, as a talented, funny, and passionate American entrepreneur, I hope you’ll support the re-invention of Carl Kozlowski’s Radio Titans.

Don’t delay, the campaign ends Wednesday afternoon!

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