Miami does have a bit of a bad reputation, drugs, violence, and unsavory characters seem to sum the city up quite well. The city likes to portray itself as a vacation mecca, however few people that know the area would buy into that idea! I for one would feel safer in east Los Angeles. Never the less, people do flock to Miami, it is a ‘fun town’, or so we are led to believe.

It was back in June that the Shehada family discovered that the hype in the brochures did not meet reality. Husein Shehada and his brother Samer Shehada decided to take a vacation, they had saved up their money. This was going to be the great vacation they hankered for. These kids were not out for trouble, in fact they even brought their girlfriends along.

At 3am on June 14th the two brothers and their girlfriends were taking a walk. Samer and Husein were some distance in front of the girls. A voice commands them to stop, and turn around. They comply. The make no offensive actions, merely standing there. Approximately 2 seconds later Husein is laying on the sidewalk in a pool of blood, shot in cold blood by Miami Beach Police officer Adam Tavss.

Following the mandatory 72 hours decompression time that officers must take following a lethal engagement, some imbecile gives Adam Tavss his badge and gun back. The first day back on the job, Adam Tavss and some others kill again, their victim this time is a suspected car jacker Lawrence McMcoy.

The Shehada incident was captured on CCTV, it clearly shows Husein being gunned down for no reason. There is no video of the McCoy killing, but there is some very interesting evidence. A private investigator for the McCoy family gained access to the body, the entry and exit wounds (something like 9 or 11) tell a story. They are defensive wounds, most likely suffered while he was in a defensive position on the ground.

Several weeks ago I ran a radio program on the Adam Tavss story, I had eyewitness Samer Shehada, the two girlfriends, attorney John Contini and his co council, lead investigator lee Cohn, plus other family members of both the Shehada and McCoy family as guests. You can listen to the program here.

I was horrified by the eyewitness accounts, these were brutal and uncalled for killings. However, further investigation reveals an even darker picture. Yes Adam Tavss is a rogue cop who has no place carrying a gun on the streets. He should be behind bars on murder one! But, he is merely a product of the system. A broken system that no one seems to want to fix.

It was my hope that by giving these cases some publicity some of the larger news organizations would pick the story up and run with it. Apply some pressure to the dimwit’s running the Miami Beach PD. The days faded into weeks, no one seemed interested in running with the story. Last week that changed, I heard through the grapevine that CNN was going to be airing a segment about it. I was elated, at long last a major media outlet was getting interested.

The segment aired last weekend, once more I am shocked and horrified. Were it not for the two seconds of CCTV footage I would swear that they were not talking about the same case! This 4 minute segment is more like something the the Police PR department would release, than anything remotely that could be called investigative journalism. Right after the segment aired my email account started to get active. The family and friends of both victims are outraged, and rightly so.

In order to redress this gross incompetence we have decided to run another radio program on the subject. This will be airing at Noon central, 1pm eastern on Sat Sept 19. The link to the show is here. Alternatively point your browser to a few minutes before we go to air and you will see the link to the live feed on the front page.

Tentatively scheduled on the panel are author and crime writer Denny Griffin, eyewitness to the first killing Samer Shehada, Lawrence McCoy Sr, the father of the second victim, and attorney for both families John Contini.

Simon Barrett

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