This case has me going insane. I have written several articles and run two radio programs about Adam Tavss. You can listen here.

For those of you not familiar with Adam Tavss he is an officer with the Miami Beach PD. In the space of four days in June he participated in the murders of two unarmed men, Husein Shehada and Lawrence McCoy.

Following the second outrage Miami Beach grounded Adam Tavss, and in a move that blows my simplistic mind put him in the property room. This guy has a history of domestic violence and drug use. Um, what do they keep in the property room? Well for one thing DRUGS!

Just over a week or so ago Miami Beach PD finally suspended Adam Tavss, in their rather terse press release they did make a point of saying that the suspension (with pay) had nothing to do with the two murders. Speculation swirled that some cocaine had gone missing from the property room. A few days later that allegation was denied by Miami Beach PD, however they have admitted that Tavss suspension was drug related. He tested positive for Marijuana!

If I was a cynic, one could draw some interesting conclusions from this suspension. As they do in court, I am of course talking hypothetically. Hypothetically, lets say that Miami Beach PD know that they are in for a whopping big law suit over Adam Tavss for unlawful killing. If they can distance themselves from Tavss maybe they can limit the legal damage. They can make the claim that Tavss is a lone wolf rather than a symptom of a bigger problem.

I call BS on this strategy. Tavss is no lone wolf, he is what Miami Beach PD has created. He has been taught the mindset of the department!

Who in their right mind would put a cop back on the streets three days after he has murdered someone in cold blood? Actually I was watching CNN earlier today and the segment concerned US Airlines pilot Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who resumed flying today.

He was the pilot that crash landed a commercial jet in the Hudson river last January. Following the event he suffered insomnia and PTSD. And he saved his passengers! He was a hero, but still common sense said, keep him on the ground for a while.  That same common sense was badly missing in the management of the Miami Beach PD, no-one but a complete idiot would put a killer cop back on the streets a mere 72 hours later.

I know that attorney John Contini is planning a civil action on behalf of both the Shehada and McCoy families. I suspect that Miami Beach PD don’t realize the size or speed of the freight train that is about to hit them!

Simon Barrett

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