In part 1 we looked at the death of Husein Shehada. As he lay on the ground the only ‘smoking gun’ was held by Adam Tavss, a Miami PD officer. Husein Shehada was gunned down at approximately 4:30 am on June 14.

The exact happenings within the Miami PD are unclear. An unarmed man is gunned down, and there are ‘inconvenient’ witnesses, his brother Samer, and their two girlfriends. The normal process following a lethal encounter is to place the officer on some kind of leave. Death is traumatic, it is traumatic to witness, never mind inflict.

It is at this point that I start to get very worried about Miami PD. One must assume that a good deal of June 14 was spent talking to Adan Tavss about exactly why he thought an unarmed man was hiding an AK-47 inside his T-Shirt!

One would have imagined that Adam Tavss would have at least been put on some administrative duty. Nope, a scant 4 days after the senseless death of a harmless tourist this Rambo is back on the streets.

I’ll cut to the chase, Adam ‘Rambo’ Tavss and at least two fellow wannabes dispatched Lawrence Raymond McCoy. The evidence does lean toward Mr. McCoy being somewhat less than squeaky clean. But that is really not relevant at this point. What is relevant is the truth. Truth seems sadly lacking in this case.

There is a huge difference between the ‘official’ version and what people close to the case are telling me. If John F, Kennedy died from a ‘magic bullet’, one can only assume that the rest of the box made it to Miami!

The cops are claiming minimal ‘lethal force’, yet I am hearing from very, very, reliable sources, the body had between 9 and 11 holes in it! Even worse are where these entry holes are. It was someone in a defensive posture!

It could be that I have it wrong, but this information has now come from two very independent sources.

It would be easy to hang Adam Tavss up by his toes, but that is not really the issue. Adam Tavss is just part of the system, part of the problem.

Two deaths, one smoking gun. Is it not time that someone speaks up? You can bet your last dollar that BNN is going to cover this case. Adam Tavss maybe just a bit player, in fact Tavss is not even on my radar. Any fool can fire a gun, I want the idiots that gave him the gun!

Simon Barrett

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