Over the years I have seen hundreds, no, thousands of advertisements entreating me to visit one place or another with the alluring promise of an experience that will last a lifetime. For Samer Shehada that ‘experience’ is indeed true. He will forever remember his vacation in Miami, though I seriously doubt it will be with fondness.

Samer and his brother Husein were businessmen from Virginia. They had saved up some money for a vacation in Miami. The two brothers were set on having some fun in a city world famous for always having something going on. They brought their girlfriends along, this was going to be a ‘blow out’ vacation.

No cheap Motel for these folks, they wanted class, their choice was the Loews Hotel at $239 per room , per night. June 13th was a day like any other, the couples had eased into the lifestyle of the vacationer, wake when your body clock rather than your alarm clock goes off, and have fun until your body says ‘I need some sleep’. The two women went shopping, a not unusual trait in the fairer sex!

While the women were buying clothes the brothers hatched their plans for the evening. Settling on a local nightclub that featured a DJ they both enjoyed. $160 got them inside and a good time was had by all. As best I can tell they left the club around 1:30 AM on June 14 and strolled back to their hotel. 1:30 is hardly late by Miami standards and the Shehada brothers decided that there was still more fun to be had.

Around 4:30 AM the two couples were walking down Washington Avenue, the two brothers in front, and their girlfriends close behind.

It is at this point where the story of this vacation in paradise goes downhill. The seven unarmed tourists are confronted by approximately seven most definitely armed members of the Miami police force. Ordered to stop, dazzled by lights they comply. ordered to turn around, they do.

We didn’t know what was going on. We saw a bunch of lights. Heard a bunch of shouting. We were in a state of shock – Samer Shehada

Moments later police officer Adam Tavss shot Husein Shehada, not once, not twice, but three times!

I saw my brother go down so I laid down next to him and lifted his head. Blood was coming out of his mouth – Samer Shehada

We are working hard on getting more details, but I will share what I have heard. Adam Tavss sounds like he may be related to Misty Cummings, his story is changing faster than a speeding bullet. The two favorite versions that are purported to come out of Adam Tavss’ mouth both left me in shock. Tavss apparently firstly claimed that he suspected Husein Shehada of having an AK-47 hidden under his T-Shirt! Then the claim was modified to Huisein ‘might’ have had a coat hanger in the shape of an AK-47 under his shirt!

I am no expert on the subject of firearms, my knowledge is limited to a few hours spend firing a 12 gauge at flying clay disks, but even with this limited exposure, my imagination is being stretched. You cannot possibly conceal a rifle under your T-Shirt! In the interests of science I mutilated one of my wifes coat hangers (a sin for which I am now paying dearly for) and could not make it even vaguely resemble an AK-47.

Even if my coat hanger experiment had been successful, there are still questions. Why would a vacationer want to do such a thing, and exactly what was going through Adam Tavss’ mind?

This is by no means the end of the ‘beginning’ of this tale of Adam Tavss. In part two we will look at what happened four short days later.

We are still sifting through the evidence, but it does seem that there is an interesting surveillance camera video. We will have that staged up as soon as we can.

Simon Barrett

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