By now you all know the story behind Adam Tavss and his execution of Husein Shehada in Miami on June 14, and his participation in another brutal murder a scant four days later.

Blogger news has just obtained video footage of the gunning down of Husein Shehada. This footage comes from a surveillance camera from Club Twist.

The video shows the two brothers, Husein and Samer Shehada walking down the street. You can clearly see them stop when ordered to by the police, who conveniently are out of frame. The brothers turn around as they were instructed to do, and seconds later for no good reason officer Tavss opens fire.

When questioned Adam Tavss has made claims that he felt threatened and that Husein had an AK-47 concealed under his T-Shirt! A clearly ludicrous claim. It is obvious from the video that neither brother was concealing anything.

There are two versions of the video, this one is the raw footage, and this one is a close up. I do apologize that these videos do not stream direct from the story, but I felt it was more important to get this information out to the public.

Here is the question I have. Who was the brain cell that gave Tavss his badge and gun back three days later, enabling him to assist in the dispatch of another person? I am shocked and horrified by this lack of common sense. I sincerely hope that some justice will be served. Adam Tavss was clearly at fault, but we must ask ourselves is he a rogue cop, or is he just a product of the Miami police system?

I have been working behind the scenes and tentatively we are planning a call in talk radio show for Saturday August 8 and 3pm central. We are still working on the guest list but I do have Samer Shehada and attorney John Conti scheduled. We will get to hear Samer tell us in his own words exactly what happened at 4:30 am on June 14. John Conti is representing the families of both victims and I am sure he will have plenty to say about the two murders.

Simon Barrett

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