I have come to the conclusion that there are not enough hours in the day. I am sure that many people view my life with envy, here is a man who spends his days reading books, chatting on the phone, and writing a few web articles. Well let me tell you, it is far from glamorous, it is a 14-16 hour a day, 7 day a week mission!

I was minutes away from going on air with a Haleigh Cummings program yesterday when Ft Lauderdale attorney John Contini called me. John Contini is another busy guy, I am sure that he puts in just as many hours as I do. One of the cases that he is working on concerns the untimely deaths of two young men by Miami Beach PD officer Adam Tavss. Tavss went on a killing spree last June. In the space of 4 days he killed two unarmed men. I won’t rehash the circumstances behind the senseless killing of Samer Shehada and Lawrence McCoy, instead I will invite you to look here, here, and here.

The bottom line is that Adam Tavss should never have been carrying a gun and a badge to begin with.

How can a man with an abusive background even get on to the Police Force? Was there no background check performed? Don’t Miami Beach PD do anything to vet and train their gun carrying assassins? Why become a terrorist when you can get paid to kill innocent people legally! I can see the advert now!

I used to like Florida, or at least like the idea of moving to the state. Every time I visited I enjoyed the place. My love affair with the state is over. Having become involved in firstly the Caylee Anthony case, then the frustrating Haleigh Cummings search, and now this latest travesty of justice Adam Tavss, I have no interest in even visiting, never mind living in the state. That is a shame, I am sure that the vast majority of Floridians are fine upstanding folks. They are not the drug crazed under achievers that we have got to know and dislike in the search for Haleigh Cummings. They are not the sleazy money grubbing folks that lurk in the Caylee Anthony case. I doubt that many are the Wyatt Earp’s that Adam Tavss is. None the less, I am soured.

Adam Tavss is still on the damn payroll! Now, it has been released that following the second cold blooded killing he was relieved of active duty. This is where the story gets even stupider. There are a lot of anecdotal stories about his love for illegal substances, the idiots running Miami Beach PD assign him to the ‘Property Room’. It should not take a PhD to figure out what is in the ‘Property Room’, drugs, money, guns, and all of the other lovely toys associated with crime. In my mind this would be akin to letting Misty Croslin-Cummings or Casey Anthony open a day care!

Something bad however has happened in Adam Tavss’ career, although Miami Beach PD are being tight lipped, the street rumor is that our valiant gun slinger got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. He is now on ‘administrative leave’, but get this…. he is still on the payroll! Where is the voice of reason?

It was with this in my mind that I talked to John Contini. He is passionate, and I want to share some of our discussion:

SB: Is Miami a safe place to visit?

Citizens and tourists ought to boycott Miami Beach, especially for their own safety.

SB: Ouch, you seem a little down on the area

JC: Bottom line: Miami Beach is not safe. Be a tourist at your own peril..

SB: We are brought up to consider the police our friends, if something bad happens they will be our knights in shining armor?

You may hope against hope that the police will protect you, but who is going to protect you from the police?

There does seem to be something lacking in the overall training process of officers.

These uniformed thugs are apparently trained to shoot first and ask questions later.

Tavss is still on the damn payroll, there does not seem to be a great deal of justice being handed down.

JC: Michael Vic gets 2 years in prison for killing a dog, while these clowns are still paying this trigger happy, wannabe cop after 2 dead people

I can sense you are a little upset.

How many more dead people before these heroes quit paying this guy?

It was now mere seconds before going on air, so I had to bail from the call. I think that anyone with half a functioning brain can see that there is a huge problem in Miami Beach. I do plan on following this case very closely. I will also put out this general plea for help, if there is anyone that witnessed the mindless shooting of  Husein Shehada or Lawrence McCoy please contact me, and I will forward the information to John Contini. I am also interested in hearing about any other deeds that Miami Beach PD have done.

Simon Barrett

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