My guests on today’s show were defense attorney John Contini, brother of the first Adam Tavss homicide Samer Shehada, father of Adam Tavss’ second victim Lawrence McCoy Sr. and author and crime writer Denny Griffin.

Several weeks ago I ran a radio segment on this case and thought it was time to get an update on what is happening. The short version, lots and nothing! John Contini’s team has been very active in finding information, while the Miami Beach PD have been moving at the speed of snails on Valium!

What we do know is that yesterday (Sept 18) the Miami Beach PD put out a short and somewhat terse Press Release explaining that Adam Tavss had been relieved of duty, but remains on the payroll! The release explains that this move has nothing to do with the two killings, and is an internal matter.

Following the dispatch of Lawrence McCoy four short days after the cold blooded murder of Husein Shehada the Miami Beach PD had reassigned Tavss to work in the ‘Property Room’. There is some speculation that this latest action might be connected to Tavss’ alleged drug use. Although Miami Beach are denying that any cocaine is missing, there is enough anecdotal evidence that gives me pause for thought.

Are Miami Beach PD trying to distance themselves from Tavss in the hope that he can be portrayed as a renegade lone wolf rather than a symptom of a much bigger problem?

Apparently Miami Beach PD are conducting an internal investigation into the two murders, however there is little evidence that they are actually doing anything. Samer Shehada was stood about 2 feet from his brother Husein when Tavss pumped 3 bullets into him. I think that this is what is known as an ‘eye witness’ yet three months after the murder no one involved in this internal investigation has even bothered to contact Samer. This does not sound like a very in depth investigation to me!

Of much greater interest is the material that John Contini and his team have uncovered. Adam Tavss is no lone wolf, he is systemic of a broken system.

One subject that came up during the program was the subject of witnesses to the murders. In both cases there were a good number of people milling around. John Contini is interested in talking to anyone who was in the vicinity of either murder. You can contact John Contini directly on 954.766.8810 or you are welcome to contact me at and I will pass the information on.

John also made it abundantly clear that he in this case for the long haul. The Miami Beach PD can stall, but he will keep dogging them, as indeed I will from the media side of the house. Justice needs to be handed out, Adam Tavss needs to pay for his crimes, and Miami Beach PD needs to be held accountable for their actions and procedures.

I did say this on air, and will reiterate it. I want to thank Lawrence McCoy Sr. and Samer Shehada for taking time to talk with us. I know that some of the subjects were difficult for them to talk about. I also want to make it clear that we here at Blogger News will continue to report on this case.

You can listen to the entire program here.

Simon Barrett

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