This was released by Miami Beach PD yesterday.

Date: 09/18/09
Contact: Officer Deborah Doty
Phone: 305.673.7776. Ext 3727
PIO#  009-33
In response to media inquiries, please be advised that effective Monday,
September 14, 2009, Officer Adam Tavss’ employment status with the City of
Miami Beach Police Department was changed to Relieved Of Duty With Pay.
This action is being taken in response to an internal PERSONNEL matter that
is currently under investigation. The matter in question is unrelated to
the two police shootings that Officer Tavss was involved with earlier this

No further information can be provided at this time. However, additional
updates will be provided as they become available.

There is a good deal of speculation as to what Adam Tavss has done to warrant this action. Sources close to the case are telling me that following the second homicide Tavss was reassigned to the property room. Apparently some evidence has gone missing, some cocaine!  There are also rumors floating around that Tavss has a drug dependency problem.

I do have a radio program scheduled to discuss Adam Tavss at noon central, 1pm eastern today. I have no doubt that this latest development will be a topic of discussion. To tune in use this link a few minutes before we go on air.

Simon Barrett

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