By Honey Gillard 

Maroon 5 are not marooning their fans this month with worldwide touring, interviews and news…news…news… 

Recently Adam Levine, front man of the ‘shivering’ band has announced that he resents the group’s boy band image. The singer has insisted that this boyish image makes people take them less seriously- and that they’d be taken more seriously if they were ugly. 

He says, “There is a boy band thing that still hovers around us and people think we’re lightweight because of that. But we’re a proper group. We can really play.” 

“If we were five overweight, middle-aged guys, people would take us more seriously.” 

Levine continues stating that the band won’t change who they are and what they do just for just to please journalists – they are who they are; a pop group. 

Levine says: “We won’t apologize for what we are. We’re a pop group, and we’re not going to make videos where we all look dirty.” 

The ladies-man has also revealed that, unlike many other bands, he is just the front man of the group – the singer if you may – he is not in control of the group. 

Levine would actually love to tone down the drumming in their music, but accepts that the change isn’t being made, as he isn’t in control of the group. He persists life in Maroon 5 is an equal collaboration between all members and his wishes are not always fulfilled. 

He says, “If I had things my way, we’d have a smaller drum kit and (guitarist) James (Valentine) would have only one effects pedal. But it’s not a solo project. It’s a band. There are tensions and differences, just as with any band.” 

Maroon 5’s long-awaited second album ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long’ will be released next weekend. 

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