Adam Brody stars as Seth Cohen in the The O.C. on FOX.By Honey Gillard

ADAM Brody has declared that he will NEVER ask a girl out on a date around his father again. This decision comes after never forgetting the time his dad embarrassed him at an audition.

The former ‘O.C’ glory insists and maintains his decision saying that he won’t be making the mistake of expanding his romantic horizons near his father in his future days.

Brody, 26, recalls the too memorable event: “Five years ago, my dad was in town and I had an audition. I was reading with this cute girl. We were leaving and I said, ‘I want to ask her number, so could you get the car and I’ll meet you?’ She came out and started talking, and my dad pulls up, honks the horn and gives me the thumbs-up. I don’t think she called me back.”

Brody was also quoted about starring opposite talented ‘You’ve Got Mail’ actress Meg Ryan: “(I was like) ‘Oh man, I hope she’s not incredibly bummed that I’m not Russell Crowe or Tom Hanks.'” Haha.. Cute.

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Source: Contact Music

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