By Honey Gillard 

Adam Brody from the hit teen drama ‘The O.C’ says that he’s glad that the hit television show has come to a close, as it gives him no other choice but to look for further roles. The actor has explained that news of the show being axed could be a blessing in disguise for his long-term career.

Brody, 27, who plays the quick-witted and adorable Seth Cohen, says that he loved his job so much but he just needed that extra push to further his career and seek new challenges.

After earning good reviews for his roles in his two recent movies – ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ with Anjelina Jolie and Brad Pitt & ‘Thankyou for smoking’ a satrical comedy opposite Katie Holmes and Aaron Eckhart – Brody is looking to make more movies.

 “We all got on so well and the scripts were so good that we would’ve done it for years.” He comments, “This way we’re forced out into the world. I can play new geeks now.”

Adam has 3 further film out in our cinema’s this year – That’s Brodylicious! 🙂


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