Congratulations to Bishop-elect Timothy C.Senior

This morning the Holy See announced the appointment of Msgr. Timothy C.Senior as an auxiliary bishop to the Cardinal Archbishop of Philadelphia.
For those that have had the honor of knowing the Bishop-elect for many years, the appointment is no shock. In 1978, as part of the incoming class of “new men” at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary the then Timothy Senior was a welcome addition to the spiritual and fraternal union which we all shared at Overbrook.
Throughout the years, Bishop-elect Senior has served in a variety of capacities in Philadelphia. Perhaps, none more superlative than his priestly ministry in the Office for the Vicar for Clergy. Over the past few years, the administrative role of Vicar for Clergy has worked with all of the priests in Philadelphia through events both positive and negative. Through it all, the ministry of the Church has always been Bishop-elect Senior’s overriding concern, as well as the happiness of those in priestly ministry in Philadelphia.

Most uniquely, Bishop-elect Senior joins another illustrious classmate, Bishop Daniel E. Thomas in the apostolic ministry. Both men are members of the Seminary class of 1985.
Bishop-elect Senior is above all a superlative choice to serve as a bishop. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is blessed with the addition of Bishop Senior to it’s hierarchy.
Once again the Holy See has honored Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia with another episcopal appointment.
As a fellow Overbrook student and graduate, I send prayers, respect and obedience to this newly named successor to the Apostles.

Ad Multos Annos, Bishop Senior!

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