Actor Woody Harrelson’s father died last week in his cell at the Supermax federal prison in Colorado. Prison officials said Charles Harrelson, 68, died from in his sleep on March 15. He was found unresponsive in his cell. An autopsy showed that Harrelson had severe coronary artery disease.

Harrelson was serving two life sentences for a U.S. District Judge in Texas in 1979. Prosecutors said a drug dealer who didn’t want Judge John Wood, Jr. presiding over his trial paid Harrelson $250,000 to kill the judge outside his home in San Antonio. Harrelson denied being involved and said he was in Dallas at the time. Dallas is about 270 miles from San Antonio. Wood, who was known for giving lengthy sentences for drug convictions, was known as “Maximum John.”

Harrelson was transferred to Supermax, the country’s highest-security federal prison, after trying to escape from a federal prison in Atlanta in 1995. Most of the country’s most notorious criminals are housed at Supermax, such as Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, Oklahoma City bombing coconspirator Terry Nichols and Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph.

Harrelson had been convicted of and served time for a 1968 killing.

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