If it were not for the severity of the situation, a poor defenseless two year old, Caylee Anthony being missing for 5 months, this story would make me laugh. The only suspect is Casey Anthony. The suspected tot killer sits in jail, and that seems like the best place for her. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Casey Anthony could not tell the truth if you bribed her!

This is a case that never ceases to amaze me, it is reminiscent of the infamous OJ trial for murder, overwhelming evidence was on the side of the prosecution, yet some high paid lawyers got him off the hook. Of course that has come back to haunt him, his escape from justice in 96 is now a major issue in his current case.

I think that most people would agree that if Casey Anthony’s lips are moving, she is likely telling lies. Almost nothing that has come out of her mouth has an anchor in the truth. One of the finest fabrications, although there are so many, it has become a challenge to pick the best, but maybe my favorite is the story about Caylee being kidnapped by her babysitter Zenaida Gonzalez. This story holds about as much water as a rain barrel in the Sahara Desert.

While Gonzalez is not an uncommon surname, Zenaida most certainly is. The address that Casey Anthony provided the police for this kidnapper was fictitious. But, you have to give the investigators credit, they did indeed find a Zenaida Gonzalez who lived in the general area. Ms. Gonzalez maintains that she knows nothing about Caylee or Casey, and certainly never acted as a babysitter for them. Furthermore she has at no time ever lived at the address that Casey Anthony provided to the police.

This should be game over, right? No one thinks Ms. Gonzalez is involved in any way, shape, or form? Not so, the poor lady has had her life destroyed because of the allegations from Casey Anthony. In order to try and clear her name once and for all Ms. Gonzalez filed suit against Casey Anthony. This move was not done with the idea of collecting a big pay check, but rather a public statement of ‘you picked the wrong person to accuse’.  This is the kind of civil case that could sit in limbo for years.

Casey Anthony’s Ambulance chasers  defense team have filed a counter suit. Now, I will be the first to admit that legal documents are generally pretty dry and boring, but I did find some rather entertaining tid bits.

The Plaintiff has brought a frivolous lawsuit which was filed for no other reason but to harass and embarrass the defendant. Plaintiff’s counsel has engaged in the filing of said frivolous motion for no other reason but to generate publicity for his law firm.

When the defendant was questioned by the police as it related to the investigation into the whereabouts of her missing daughter, she gave the police information concerning an entirely different Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

If you want to read the whole document you can. In my mind this lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe the Anthony lawyers should have saved their filing fee’s and sent the money to Tim Miller of Equusearch.

Simon Barrett


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