Former relief pitcher Jason Grimsley is under federal investigation regarding his illegal use of performance enhancing drugs while under the employment of Major League Baseball. He aided the investigation further by naming ex-teammates as fellow indulgers of the illegal substances. He claims Roger Clemens, Andy Pettite, Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, David Segui, and Jay Gibbons were all participants in the use of the illegal substances. Roger Clemens is outraged by the accusation. He contends he’s never used such substances, and if he loses a sponsor due to the allegations (questioning his moral character) he will take legal action against his accusers. Pettite says he feels embarrassed by the accusations, for he’s always prided himself because he’s enjoyed success without the use of these substances. Miguel Tejada was once accused by fellow teammate Rafael Palmeiro for his role in the conspiracy, and wishes for nothing more than the allegations to cease. David Segui said, “Unless you’ve seen them do [drugs], unless you’ve injected them, then you have no grounds to make a statement like that at all, to even bring their names into it.” He’s absolutely correct. The perplexing matter is this, Why, with all of this nation’s mounting problems such as welfare, crime, etc, why does the federal government deem it necessary to involve themselves in MLB’s problems?

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