Accidentally Engaged by Mary Carter it is a delightful romp. I enjoyed the book so much I decided to ask the publisher if Mary Carter would grant an interview. She did! This is a very funny book, and one that I strongly recommend. If you are looking for some lighthearted reading this is a book that you need to buy!

I loved the characters, are they based on real people?

Thank you.  I can’t say the characters were based on anyone, at least consciously, although some bits of family members and myself may have leaked in from time to time.  I’ve found even if the characters begin as an amalgamation of people I know, they eventually take on their own lives and persona.

Do you see Clair as part of your own persona?

I can definitely see bits of her in myself, I think it’s a natural bleed-over of writing in the first person, and being a beginning author.  I have always been interested in psychic phenomena but have never had any earth shattering skills to back up that interest, and although I haven’t been married and divorced three times, I’ve fallen victim to the “falling in love with love” syndrome.  I think those are the biggest similarities.

It is a light easy book to read, but your use of the Tarot shows some research was involved. How long did the project take, and did you use personal knowledge or ‘hit the books’?

I had nine months to write the book and used every bit of it.  I can read Tarot cards, but I don’t have them memorized, and have to leaf through a book.  So I did refer to Tarot card books.  I also had to research the Shawnee National Forest area, and I did enough research on stock terms and stockbrokers just so I’d know enough to not know what I was talking about.  Not all of the research made it into the book, but between that and figuring out all the plot points, it kept me pretty busy.

Accidentally Engaged is your second foray into the literary world, did you find it easier to put this book together?

I had high hopes, but no.  I’m sure I learned a thing or two, I wrote it in half the time (I really procrastinated with the first) but it was just as difficult, maybe even more so.  And now I’m going through the same struggle with my third book.  I’ve spoken with prolific writers who tell me the feeling never leaves, it always feels as if you’ve never done this before, and there is always the fear you’ll never be able to do it again.

Follow up from the last question: Was it easier to get published now that you have a ‘track record’?

The second book was sold to my first publisher quickly and easily.  But there’s no guarantee.  In fact I’m in the middle of the third and it’s not yet under contract.  It’s definitely a risky business.

As the saying goes ‘Third time is a charm’, is there a third book in the mill?

I must be psychic, I’ve already been talking about this.  I am half-way through the first draft of my third novel.  It’s not a romantic comedy, however, it’s a character-driven suspense.  I can’t wait to finish the first draft, because rewriting is where I really shine.

Although the book does not hit the streets till Feb/27 are you getting good response from the pre release?

I’ve been really thrilled with the responses so far, and fingers are crossed.

In my review I likened Accidentally Engaged to a British Farce (which is high form of humor in England), was that your aim, or am I off track?

I can see the similarities, but I couldn’t say it was an aim.  Namely because except for studying plays in my acting days (i.e. The Importance of Being Earnest etc.), I haven’t seen many British farces.  My brother-in-law is a Brit, I’ll have to ask him what he thinks.  I do take it as a compliment, and I really enjoyed your review of the book.

You can find my review here  and of course you can order your own copy from Amazon (I am not lending you my copy, because I will not get it back!).I wish Mary every success, the literary world is a hard nut to crack, but I think Mary has the Write Stuff. Keep up the good work!

Simon Barrett  




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