BNN was started on February 1, 2005, by Robert Hayes, a Colorado blogger with an interest in seeing the news reported from a citizen’s perspective. Since then the site has added writers and features, changed hosts a time or three, and used two or three different blogging platforms, including Blogger, a hand-coded ASP system, and most recently, WordPress.

In 2007 site ownership changed, and in 2013 it has changed once again this time to Simon Barrett. My wife Jan and I have been the editors of the site for many years and we have no sweeping changes planned.

Sadly my husband, Simon Barrett passed away in February 2020, so I , Janette Coulon Serigne, am trying to keep this site going, so please have patience with me as I am still learning how to do more. Simon taught me a lot and I plan to keep the site going in his honor.

BNN is dedicated to reporting, analyzing, and editorializing on the news of the day from a wide variety of responsible, informative points of view. We believe in open inquiry and a free press, and we avow high standards and strive to live up to them. We write in the English language as it is the language of news around the world. BNN actively seeks high-quality contributions of news from people of every nation and of every creed; for more information on writing for us please email

Without being blind to the faults of the United States specifically and the West generally, we consider ourselves unblushingly to be part of something called Western Civilization, and we further believe that the advancing and protecting of that civilization are worthy and noble causes. Views unaligned with, or upon occasion contrary to, this general philosophy may occasionally be found on these pages; we believe it wise to consider all views with a critical eye.

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