David Schussler 

Abortion is not a right, it is a decision. It is the decision of the mother and father. not the state.

Just as religion cannot be legislated, neither can moral decisions. The choice of whether or not to abort an unborn life must be left to the creators of that life. We all must bear the responsibilities of our decisions whether others think we are wrong or right.

The controversy over abortions is one of moral judgment based on facts as we know them and faith as we know it. It will not be the same for all people. Abortion should not be a national, state, or legal issue. It should be a personal issue just as religion is. No government of unwilling people should be forced to fund abortions and no government should be forced to prevent abortions. All of us must individually and collectively reap the consequences of our actions, it is the natural and spiritual way of humanity.

We already have laws regarding medical care for the needy and doctors willing to perform the tasks. Doctors who feel the need to provide abortive services can do so according to the rules and laws of their profession and with their own moral determination and conscience. If they believe it is right, they can provide clinical care at their own expense for those who cannot afford the price.

We must take this decision out of the hands of government and make people think and decide for themselves with common sense and spiritual guidance. Our youth must be educated as to the consequences of their decisions while rape and incest and adoption must be taken into account also. All of these decisions can, and will, alter lives forever, but should not be a decision of our government.

The point of creation of life, who should defend it, and how, has been in contention forever. Who should live and who should die has been battled in religious wars for all known history with many blameless souls lost.

Innocent people of the world are currently dying by the thousands in floods, earthquakes, shootings, war, famine, and other atrocities. What a foolish and vain society we are if we refuse to revere life and freedom and aim our attention on the rules of abortion. Let this be a personal decision with personal consequences as we focus on helping the many who deserve and need our attention in this world.



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