NYTime headline says: Not all are pleased at plan to offer Birth Control at MaineMiddle School.

Oh really? Are you perhaps implying that aiding and abetting the sexual exploitation of 11 year old girls is okay with the NYTimes?

Don’t you have any Feminists on your staff that see a problem with this? 

The decision of one Maine Middle School board to allow girls aged 11 to 13 to get birth control pills has been spun by the right as a parental rights problem, and now spun by the Left as if no one sees a problem with it.

So who is pleased? They quote two mothers, who essentially say well, the kids are doing it anyway, so I guess it’s okay. But the ones who will benefit from this policy are the sexual predators.

The article quotes statistics of the number of middle school pregnancies, but don’t mention if anyone was prosecuted for statuatory rape for making such young girls pregnant.

And the only one at the school who seems to have a problem with the message they are sending is…a thirteen year old girl: 

Wearing a sticker with the words “I’m against giving out birth control” written in black marker, Carissa, 13, said she did not think the school should make the drugs available. Her mother disagrees.

“She thinks it’s really good,” Carissa said after school on Friday. “I think it’s stupid because what people are saying is that it’s O.K. to be sexually active.”

Those at the school board try to be “non judgemental” about the problem:

“These kids are far too young to be sexually active,” Mr. Gardner said. “You can’t argue that any differently. But there is a small group of kids, and thankfully it’s a small group, who are reporting that they are sexually active, and we need to do all we can to protect them.”

So what’s missing from this discussion?

Protecting the child.

These girls are not “sexually active”. They are being pressured into sex mainly because no one protects them from immature bad decisions.

We protect teens from smoking, and from alcohol, and drugs, and from racism and bullying.

But we don’t protect 11 year old girls from being taught they don’t have the right to say no to sex?

Do you think that such girls will grow up to be mature women, when they’ve slept with every predatory male in town by the time they are sixteen?

The fact is that children aged 11 to 13 can’t give consent to intercourse. The age of consent in Maine is 16. Has any of the men having intercourse with these girls been charged with statuatory rape, and if not, why not?

The assumption is that girls have sexual urges, and want sex, but if you bother to talk to these girls, they are pressured into having sex, and just don’t have any reason to say no. Some feel it’s “wrong” to say no–and a school that gives out the pill is reinforcing that decision.

 Often they feel unloved or unwanted at home, and think they are in love. Every tv show and film says a girl is supposed to exchange sex for a date, and there is no one around them to help them say: No. As for orgasm, forget it.

How many 15 year old boys has the thoughtfulness to think of the girl’s pleasure?

But I am assuming peer intercourse, with a boyfriend. In some ways, I don’t get too upset about a 15 year old with a steady boyfriend of her own age having sex. Give her birth control.

But 11? 13? even 14?

It doesn’t matter if they want sex or not. They are too young to make that decision, and a just society will protect these girls. Enforcing the law is a way to start.  Send a few boys off to court and counseling and some community service, and the message will get around….it’s not worth the hassle.

And what is worse: A large number of girls who have intercourse at such a young age are not playing around with 15 year old boyfriends, but are “fresh meat” for seventeen and eighteen year old boys who know they can “score” with such naive girls.  They go to parties, and get drugs or alcohol put in their drinks, and are gang raped while semi conscious.

And some girls are the victims of sexual predators: grown men who prey on young girls. They know how to “charm” them into having sex. Some of these men are mommy’s latest boyfriend, or the guy next door, or the husband of the woman you baby sit for, or one of your relatives, or a teacher…

Today’s AP has a story about sexual abuse in schools.

One report mandated by Congress estimated that as many as 4.5 million students, out of roughly 50 million in American schools, are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade. That figure includes verbal harassment that’s sexual in nature.

Well, yes.
The dirty little secret is that there are sexual predators out there. The NYTimes rightly has a problem when a priest hits on a 15 year old boy, but they seem clueless if a teacher or another authority figure seduces a 13 year old girl. Heck, I’ve see moms who thought it was “cute”.

But why should we outsiders interfere?
Ummm…maybe because such behavior is dangerous, not only to the girls mental health but to her physical well being?

Well, let’s list a few.

Some of the girls will get pregnant. Most will have abortions. Many who have abortions will feel guilty about it, and get pregnant again…and sometime again…and again. Either serial abortions, or keep getting pregnant until they manage to hide the pregnancy long enough to have the child.

Having a child as a teenager is a fast lane to life long poverty.

Some of the girls who have abortions will get depressed.

Ah, you say: That’s why we want to give them the pill.

Well, I have a secret you need to know.

These girls are so immature they forget to take the pill. The pregnancy rate on the pill is very high for that reason.

What has caused the teenaged pregnancy rate to go down was not birth control pills, or abortion, but the Depo Provera shot, which only has to be given four times a year. But Depo has a lot of side effects, so is not something that you just give out like it was an aspirin.

But as a doctor, when I was faced with a 15 year old who needed family planning, I often recommended the shot (Depo Provera). Even then, often these girls would “forget” to come in for the free shot.

If I had an older mature teen, or if I had a young girl with the monthly cramps from hell (been there, done that) I recommended the pill, and cautioned the girl that it wasn’t a license for sex, and if she did find a boyfriend, she needed to use a condom.

Most older teenaged girls have “serial monogamy” with boyfriends. In my day, a lot of my friends married at 16.

But younger girls are immature and their lack of judgement means they will go along with peer pressure. They face more than pregnancy: STD’s are much more serious in young girls, whose pelvic tissues are thin and immature, more likely to develop micro tears which make them more prone to get infected.

HIV is fatal, but chlamydia and Gonorrhea can cause chronic pain and infertility. The HPV shot may protect against cancer, but not against other things like Herpes.

But the most devestating result is the psychological harm to these girls.

You don’t stop abuse by enabling the abuser.

So to the school boards who think they are wise, I ask:

The girls who get pregnant: Who were the fathers?

Who is having intercourse with these girls?

If it is the boys in the middle school, then I advise you to start giving them lectures about responsible manhood.

But in my practice, a lot of these very young girls were abused by mother’s boyfriends, the guy next door, the guy on the internet, at a party where their coke was laced with alcohol or drugs, or in a “date rape” situation.

And until you start a local program to stop the sexual abuse of your young girls, YOU are the one who has the problem.

Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. 

and she writes medical essays at HeyDoc Xanga Blog 

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