So what if the guy jets in with a fleet of 10 aircraft, 30 truckloads of baggage, an entourage of 150, and 4 wives. He still has to pull on his pants in the morning like the rest of us do, right? What do you mean he doesn’t wear pants? He wears the pants in Saudi Arabia doesn’t he?

Anyway, everybody in Berlin is all hot and bothered about King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’s visit and Belagerung (siege) of the Adlon and fluttering around him like flies around, I mean, moths around a flame. He has met with everybody who is anybody, but that didn’t take very long of course, so now he and his wives are bored already and want to start buying expensive stuff, as usual.

When asked how much the Brandenburg Gate costs, for instance, Angela Merkel said she would have to get back to him on that one because she had already heard that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wouldn’t sell him Big Ben and that Pope Benedict XVI still demands “a much higher price” for the Sistine Chapel.

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit gets to take the King and co. out for lunch today but with the city’s finances being what they are, he probably won’t be able to swing much more than a Currywurst or two (Burger King would be definitely politically incorrect here) and maybe some Seven-Up (the king’s favorite drink). Then Abdullah heads off to Turkey where he’ll try and buy the Hagia Sophia and finally get something decent to eat. Something fit for a king, I mean. What do you mean he already owns the Hagia Sophia “sort of”?

It’s nice to be king.

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