The U.S. soldier kidnapped last week in Baghdad was married to an Iraqi college student and was with his wife and her family when hooded gunmen dragged him out of a house, bound his hands and threw him in the back seat of a white Mercedes. The account was provided by a woman claiming to be his mother-in-law.The U.S. military has said the soldier, a linguist of Iraqi descent, was visiting family in central Baghdad’s Karada district when he was abducted. His kidnappers used his cell phone to contact his family.The military did not give further details and a massive search for him by U.S. and Iraqi forces has been under way since the October 23 abduction. The U.S. military has not officially identified the missing man.

One of the brothers – in – law of the kidnapped soldier, 26-year-old Omar Abdul-Satar, and Abu Rami, the neighbor who earlier held a pistol at the soldier because he apparently never saw him before in the neighbourhood, followed the kidnappers in another car, but turned back before they could learn where the gunmen were headed. They feared that they too may be kidnapped. Abu Rami has since left the neighborhood with his family and went into hiding.

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