AB193: Governor approves a bill that re-evaluates people after they slip out of insanity

By Charles Eggleston

Sounds confusing? Well confusing as it may sound, Governor Jim Gibbons just signed a bill that could offer treatment for the “no longer mentally ill”. The reason he did so is because there have been cases of convicted felons who have successfully received insanity verdicts, just to become “mentally revived” a few years later.

Such a case that has caught the mainstream media’s attention is that of Kane’s. Michael Kane, a LSD user in Vegas, won the plead for insanity. Since his stay in prison however, he has been re-evaluated and has been found by the medical staff at Lakes Crossing facility to be “no longer mentally ill”. AB 193 is a bill that will allow for a judicial case such as Kane’s, a chance to re-enter society, so as long as they progress and are considered mentally fit. These people must also attend special facilities to re-evaluate their sanity on a regular basis. Not following such procedures for the former patient/felon’s duration of time, could cause them to be returned to their respectable hospitals for the rest of their sentence.

The bill, better known as AB 193, states that if someone who happens to be mentally ill, suddenly become otherwise while in prison receiving treatment, will be able to receive a type of sanity reconditioning treatment, that will gradually allow such convicts a chance to be released from their mental facilities: so as long as they are actually proven to be sane and attend facilities on the outside as well.

Sources: Daily Sparks Tribune Volume 98 Number 156

Website: www.sparkstribune.net

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