BNN is dedicated to fighting injustice, there is too much of it around. Our special Radio Show this afternoon highlighted three cases. Two are old and cold, but one is very much alive.

Jan Barrett was viciously raped, beaten, and kept confined for days. With broken ribs, black eyes, busted lips and heavy bruising, the police basically told her to go home and take two aspirin. Her attacker was a pillar of the community, and there was no way the police were going to investigate!

Ronald Scharff was a tavern owner, he and his barmaid Patricia Freeman were found executed gang style. The evidence pointed to one man Larry Neuman, a Chicago hood. Nothing happened. Once again the cops let the case fall through the cracks. Even though new evidence surfaced in late 2007, there has been no movement. Son Paul Scharff is at his wits end. How can he bring some closure to his fathers brutal murder?

Both cases happened in small towns, both cases concerned families with pull. Both cases happened a long time ago. Both cases show a complete opposite to what law Enforcement is duty bound to do.

It is the third case we discussed today that really upsets both Jan and I. A three year old girl being sexually abused, and no one will help. Aaliyah Bedwell is living a life in hell, and neither the cops nor court system will lift a finger. Jan and I heard about this story just over a week ago, and it has consumed our waking hours. Some people think the entire story is an Internet hoax, yet another scam.

Well I will say this, if it is a scam, it is the most elaborate one I have ever seen. The evidence is overwhelming, this little girl needs help. If it is a hoax well Jan and I sure got suckered. Connie Bedwell wanted to be on the radio show, but because of the strangest gag order I have ever heard of, we decided to dissuade her.  She can not do anything useful to move this case forward if she is in jail.

In her place we had a number or her family and friends, her sisters Cara and Christen, her father Tim, her boyfriend Darrel Payne, and also her close friend Sarah Vergara.

It was an interesting show, Jan and I thought we were up to speed on everything, not so. There seems to be some stalking going on. It could be Law Enforcement, or it could be something to do with the father.

Connie and Cara have been followed a few times by the same vehicle. It could be nothing, it could be important. They did manage to catch a rather bad quality picture of the tag, who is it?

The question is, are these good guys or bad guys?

There is much more to this story, and Jan and I will be making a number of calls on Monday. There are some folks in Placer County that likely are going to be crossing Jan and Simon Barret off their Christmas card list.

We have the names, we have the numbers, and we are on the hunt.

Small town injustice is going to stop.

After the show had ended Paul Scharff called us, he knew nothing of the Aaliyah Bedwell story prior to going on air, in fact I had thought that Paul had hung up after the discussion about his father Ronald Scharff, no, he had hung in for the entire show. He is horrified that what is happening today in Placer county is what was happening 28 years ago in McHenry County. In fact Paul has also offered his help.

Much bickering has occurred over our coverage of this case, to me, having Paul on board is vindication, we are not crazy, the entire Bedwell family are not crazy, their friends are not crazy. This is a very real case, and a very real situation. Jan and I must tread carefully, our next moves are likely going to cause some real waves, and our only wish is to protect the safety of Aaliyah.

To say that we are appalled by the efforts put in by the authorities does not do it justice. Alas this is a family rated news site, so we must temper our language.

The entire show was recorded and you can listen to it here.

On Monday our quest continues. I am pretty certain that this article will be read by the folks in the opposite corner. So I will give you some advice, don’t duck us, don’t act like idiots. One way or another the truth will come out. Right now BNN is the only news source running with this story, but that is going to change PDQ. As I like to say ‘We have friends in low places’.

If it is a hoax, I’ll take the flak, if it is not a hoax, we saved a little girl. I’ll be honest, I would love this to be a hoax, I am a big guy, I can take the ridicule. But someone needs to step in and do something. As best I can tell not even the damn court appointed lawyer for Aaliyah has even looked at the evidence! Some justice system we have.

More on this story on Monday, and if you have any information about this case please send it to us.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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