In an article that I published yesterday I mentioned that we had come across two items of great significance while sifting through the mountain of paper that we have acquired.

After consulting with the family we have determined that one of the letters is indeed part of the court records, and therefore in the public domain.

Unfortunately this case has elicited such a negative reaction from a small lunatic fringe that we are concerned that the person who wrote the letter will be the subject of hate mails and phone calls. For that reason we have taken the steps to redact their identity.

This single piece of evidence should have been enough to blow this case wide open.

Read it for yourself, and draw your own conclusions.

The telling sentence is:

I suspect, based on her responses and facial affect that occur (or don’t occur) during our play therapy time that she is experiencing some type of abuse when she is visiting her father.

Why was this letter ignored?

I also would like to point out a factual error in the Auburn Journal article. They state that when the allegations of abuse were first reported to police, they were thoroughly investigated immediately. This in fact is not the case, family members are telling us that it took 5 months of poking and prodding for the police to do anything. Also noteworthy is that the police failed to interview a single person on the witness list provided to them?

I have said this before, and I will say this again. It is possible that none of these allegations are true,and the father is as pure as the driven snow, but why did the authorities not investigate this case properly? Small town injustice is the phrase that keeps popping into my mind.

You may not buy into Connie Bedwell’s assertions, but you cannot ignore the actions of the Police and other agencies involved in the small town of Auburn.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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