One of the things that I hate with traditional news organizations is that they sit on stories for days, weeks, even months. Blogger news does not do that, we publish what we know, when we know it. The Aaliyah Bedwell case seems to have been completely avoided by both Law Enforcement and the press.

Of course, it has not been avoided by BNN. I have no idea how many hours Jan and I have put into it. And as the saying goes ‘there is no smoke without fire’.

This is not a story, just a data dump

We are still waiting for a call back from the Auburn Police department, I guess they are too busy handing out traffic tickets, they have no time to talk to the press.

We did however learn a number of interesting things today. Take a look at this article. Now I will say that Associated Content in my mind is about as reliable as Wikipedia you can take this article a couple of ways. However, my own research shows that Placer County seems to be a pretty interesting place. With money and connections, it is indeed the Dukes Of Hazard!

We also talked to a good friend of Connie Bedwell, her version of the story is exactly what Connie has been saying. Sure it could be a set up, but I asked the all important question ‘Can I use your name’? She answered, ‘of course’. I will not release her name yet, she lives in the area, and I have some real reservations about the folks that are the ‘elected officials’. So for now lets call her Jane Doe.

Jane filled in a number of interesting facts in this case. she described the law enforcement in Placer county as a “Good ole boys club”. This incidentally is not the first time I have heard this. It seems that the club involves several well connected families. Judges, Lawyers, and Police are all connected.

It just so happens that the person accused of sexual abuse of a three year old girl also is from a connected family. Go Figure!

If Jan and I are on a wild goose chase, so be it. But if we can save one little child, we will go out and celebrate.

There will be a bigger update tomorrow, we have a long list of people we need to talk to, and we have free long distance calling, no one is safe. You can duck us for a while, but eventually we will find you. Jan and I are doing this because we care. We have no monetary interest in the case, but we are bound and determined to get the truth. I will also put this plea out, if you know something about the case let us know. If you are scared about having your name used, we promise anonymity.

This is not about money, this is a child that may be in danger. If you have information call the Cops. Unfortunately the local cops in Auburn seem to have a bit of a bad reputation. So let us know, or call a reputable law enforcement outfit outside of Placer County.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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