As I mentioned in my first article Dustin Thompson’s father ate up most of the court time, out of the two hours, John David Thompson was on the stand for something like 90 minutes. In what must have been making Amara reach for her bottle of Tums, Dave kept referring to his son as the ‘Child Molester’ rather than the ‘Alleged child molester’, no doubt our favorite attorney had a few choice words for Dave after the hearing.

Last weekend we were contacted by a businessman who was prepared to fly Dr. Saturley (think Bubba) out to California so that he could conduct an independent evaluation. Dr. Saturley had said on air that he was happy to do this pro-bono.

We talked with the benefactor, and I know he is serious. He had also talked to Dr. Saturley, who indeed had also talked to the Bubba folks, and everyone was giving this a green light. The next step was for Dr. Saturley to contact the family, which he was going to do immediately.

However, a phone call to the Badwell family , Connie did not participate, even though the legitimacy of the gag order is in question, we at BNN do not want to cause any trouble for this family. We specifically asked that Connie NOT be on the conference call. (Ms. Amara, I do hope you use this article in your next filing). I asked if they had heard from Dr. Saturley, the answer was NO.

I have had an email into him since Friday, and I have had a similar response. One has to wonder if he is serious, or just looking for radio ratings? It is easy to talk big on the air, anyone can do it, but to actually commit to something that does not pay the bills is a different thing altogether.

As I recall Dr. Saturley was also supposed to be a guest on a Blog Talk Radio show on Saturday, a quick look back at the records reveals that the show was yanked a couple of hours before it happened. Why was that?

I am trying to get hold of the package that Amara walking into the courtroom with yesterday. Hopefully I will have that in a few days.

You can learn so much from the paper trail, it is always a delight to do the paper forensics. You can learn so much if you know where to look. I will feel like a kid in a candy store when I get this filing.

I am still concerned that Amara refuses to speak to me. I get calls most days from people that would eat Amara for breakfast. Not all of the calls are fun, but they are always illuminating. If Dustin has nothing to hide, why does she shun me?

Of course one has to take into account the comment that Jan and I received from the Auburn Journal, I won’t bother with the pseudo journalists name “Well you have to remember that we have to remain in the good graces of the local police”.

It was also interesting to note that after the Auburn Journal had been embarrassed into publishing a story that was happening on their doorstep they went to some lengths to remove the ‘pro’ Connie comments, and keep the anti. Of course the Auburn Journal should not be slammed for that, BNN’s comment section is a running battle ground, the folks at the Auburn Journal had no idea what they were getting into.

One has to wonder what pull the Thompson family have in this small town? They are both County employees, but what is the pull they have?

I am also working on another article, the letter I alluded to in the last article. It will be running soon.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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