Well folks, I see some light at the end of the tunnel. The supposed sexual abuser of three year old Aaliyah Bedwell, Dustin Thompson called an Ex Parte hearing for 1:30pm today. The hearing took place, and clearly the pressure on the system is beginning to make the ‘Good Ole Boys’ uneasy. For once Dustin did not get it all his own way. In fact I’ll bet him and his ‘No Comment’ attorney Sandra Amara are in a huddle right now.

The judge on the case Frances Kearney walked into the court room, sat down, and promptly removed herself from hearing the case.

There has been some scuttlebutt that I had opted not to publish before concerning the justice system in Placer County. Everyone knows everyone else, they went to school and college together, they have lunch together. Family court in a small town is a notoriously dangerous battleground.

The really good news it that Judge Kearney also stipulated that the new Judge would be from outside Placer County.

Connie actually had some legal council with her, which is a great thing.   Everyone was to leave their contact information and will be contacted for the next hearing about the violation of the restraining order.

We will have our spies on the ground for that hearing. But it does give us two weeks to do more investigating, and you can bet that is what we will be doing. Ms ‘No Comment’ can expect a call in the morning.

Today’s court hearing is great news for both Connie and Aaliyah, now maybe, justice can start to work. Maybe, the Auburn Police department might even return my call from 12 days ago (but I am not holding my breath).

Yes folks, all that pressure that we and you have all put on Placer County is paying off.

I like California, but I have crossed Placer County off my list of potential vacation spots, I have a feeling the Good Ole Boys would want to talk to Jan and I.

Update: 7:16 central. We just got off the the phone with someone else that was present at the hearing, they were not in the court room but standing just outside. Ms ‘No Comment’ Sandra Amara apparently left the hearing with a look of thunder on her face, and steam coming out of her ears. Of course I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that her husband Dirk Amara just happens to be a judge in the same county!  Oh the webs people weave.

Interestingly enough it seems that Dustin seemed fairly neutral in his demeanor, no doubt the importance of today’s decision will take some time to sink in.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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