We have just received two very important pieces of information. Details to follow, but we will tell you what we have.

The biological father, who so far we have not named, but I will now, it is one Dustin Thompson. Dustin is obviously beginning to feel the heat that is being generated, and has arranged an ex parte court hearing for 1:30pm tomorrow. The object? Get Connie Bedwell incarcerated to prevent her from further talking about the case. It sounds like he wants to use the internet as his crutch. Dustin may just have bitten off more than he can chew on this one. Putting Connie Bedwell behind bars will merely bring more pressure on him, the Auburn Police Department, CPS and all of the other organizations that have been skillfully ignoring the problem.

What Dustin Thompson is doing is amoral. You can bet the sparks are going to fly.

The second hot piece of news, and one that is going to further put Dustin’s toes to the flames is that the Governors office is now involved. Faxes are flying. There is a promise that this case will get immediate attention, the papers will get on the right desks, and the right eyeballs will get to read them. Dustin Thompson might well want to rethink his position, and the finest of Auburn and CPS might want to consider taking this case a little more seriously than they have up till now.

We also have some interesting anecdotal stories about Auburn from some people that have worked at a professional level, and the stories made my hair curl.

The good old boys club are about to get a huge wake up call.

Jan and I have not even scratched the surface of Placer County, but I am sure it will not be long before we are the subject of some interesting conversations by the powers that be. All we have to say is BOO! We here at BNN are going to get to the bottom of the Aaliyah Bedwell Story.

Update 5:04pm The attorney representing Dustin Thompson would merely give us a No Comment.  The secretary apparently was told to tell us that this was a confidential matter. But often a no comment says a lot. I think that Sandra Amara made a big mistake by not talking to us, and time will tell.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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