A question that has been asked several times in the battlefield that we euphemistically call our Comments section is where is the evidence?

Well I can assure you that there is plenty of documentary evidence, we are awash in it. I also want to tell you that it is not just Jan and I that are going over it all, there is at least one investigative journalist and a highly respected clinical psychologist who is donating his time to this case, that are reviewing the same set of documents.

Some of these documents are in the public domain, but I am not sure they all are, and for that reason I am not willing to publish excerpts at this point. I also want to discuss our findings with the other researchers and that will not happen until tomorrow.

There are two documents in particular that stand out as being hugely significant. Both were written by trained dispassionate third party professionals, and either should have raised a red flag the size of California. The court hearings to date have been so bizarre that I am not sure that either document has been filed as evidence, it is for this reason that we do not want to go into details as to their contents.

So to all you naysayers out there, yes there is evidence in the Aaliyah Bedwell case.

I also find it interesting that the Auburn Journal finally decided to publish an article about the story. The interview itself was conducted more than two weeks ago. Why the long wait? Actually I will put forward a theory, the Auburn Journal would have much preferred to have publish nothing. Jan and I spoke to the author of the Auburn Journal article over two weeks ago, unknown to us at the time, and not offered to us, she had already spoken with Connie. She made a comment while on the phone that I am sure she regrets greatly, “You have to remember that we need to keep in the good graces of the Auburn Police Department.” This is a very telling statement.

It also is interesting to analyze the Auburn Journal story in the context of that statement. It is written in a very butt covering neutral tone.

When I am not wearing my Journalist hat I am a reviewer, books, music, documentaries, and a whole bunch of other things. The consequence is that I see things in works that maybe others would not. You can tell much about an author by what he writes, fiction, non-fiction it matters not.

If you apply that same skill to the Bedwell Story a very disturbing picture emerges.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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