It looks like all of our hard work on this case may be about to bear some fruits. This morning when I got on the computer there was an email from the producer of a syndicated terrestrial radio show which is also rebroadcast on XM Sirius. They wanted to know if Jan and I would be willing to be interviewed on the show, I replied saying that we would be happy to. 20 minutes later we were on the air!

I am not sure which stations carry the show, but I do know that his monthly listeners are measured in the millions. I also know that at least one BNN reader heard the broadcast because we received an email about it.

The show does have a web site

We have also been told that the producer will be contacting us later today to talk more about the Aaliyah Bedwell case.

So to all you people that have made phone calls, written letters and emails, pat yourself on the back, it looks like all the ruckus we have created is beginning to pay off. With the Main Stream Media climbing onboard, this is becoming like a freight train with no brakes.

Update: Apparently there are a large contingent of The Bone fans in California, and the XM Sirius version has just gone on air. Let the games begin!

Uptade: Bubba has updated his web site, makes for some interesting reading.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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