I am not sure how it happened but suddenly BNN has become a center for children stories. I doubt that few news organizations have covered the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings to the depth we have, and we continue to do so.

Unfortunately we do not have the man power nor the resources to work on every missing or abused child case that heads our way. I wish we did, but it is not possible at this time. BNN takes information very seriously, we have to. If we are not sure of our information we put ourselves in a bad place. As it is, I have already had to deal with one jackass pompous lawyer this week, threatening all sorts of exciting things because of an article. The strange thing is that his name was not even mentioned in the article. My response to him was that he likely should have kept quiet and continued billing his clients, but now he is on my radar!

Jan and I were approached with what looked like one of the most appalling cases of child abuse we can conceive of. The victim is two and a half years old, and supposedly has been sexually abused by her father, who incidentally has custody. There is a YouTube video purportedly telling the story to her mother, neither are seen full face. It is a truly horrible story.

Question one, why does dad have custody and not mom?

The location of this child is a small town north of Sacramento, California. Auburn is a town of under 50,000 citizens, but does have a daily newspaper the Auburn Journal. If anyone could confirm the truth behind these allegations the local newspaper would be the place. A conversation with a news reporter revealed that they had heard the story, but like us, were finding problems confirming it.

A call to to Auburn police department got a rather cool response, someone will get back to me.

What is interesting is the research that Jan has done, finds that the distraught mother Connie Bedwell is accused of turning down offers to help, preferring cash help instead. That makes one wonder. Another curious aspect is that one source told us that Connie was only permitted two hours a week of visitation rights, and they were supervised. That obviously creates an issue with the YouTube segment. I doubt that this video could have been made under those circumstances. The information we have received is that this video was made about a year ago while the mother still had custody of the child.

As I said before, is this real or is this Memorex? If it is real, then we have a very serious situation. If it is Memorex, we have a huge scam. To add some drama the mother is supposedly under a restraining order to not talk to the press. Anecdotal data says that CPS have been informed, but have yet to act on this particular allegation.

If this is a real situation something needs to be done, and Jan and I will leap in feet first. But until there is some proof we will sit on the fence.

If you have actual proof, contact us. We will listen. Just leave a comment, we will get back to you. Put in a valid email address it will not show in the published comment.

Simon and Jan Barrett

Editorial Note: At this stage we have opted not to link to any of the sources. We may change that decision if and when new information comes in.

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