We at BNN have been quiet on this story for a week or so, it was not that we had lost interest in the case, it was a question of not wanting to cause trouble for Connie Bedwell in the eyes of the courts.

Connie Bedwell was once again in court today, the exact reason for the hearing was not explained until she entered the courtroom. At which point she was handed a 2 inch thick stack of paper, and 3 CD’s. It is rumored that the CD’s contain recordings from BNN! I wonder if I can sue them for illegally copying recordings? I will have to check with the RIAA.

Dustin Thompson’s lawyer Amara wanted $15k in punative sanctions, and a complete stop to all visitation rights. Furthermore Connie Bedwell should be stopped from filing any motions until the completion of the 730 examination.

Obviously this is absolute rubbish, where Amara gets this stuff from, I can only guess.  I would ask her, but she is too bloody rude to answer my calls.

The two hour hearing was a complete yawner, the vast majority of the time being taken up by Dustin Thompson’s father, John David Thompson waxing lyrical about everything but the case in hand, forcing a continuous until June 30th.

About the only good news out of todays hearing was that Amara’s requests were declined.

The Judge (Smith?) is from a different county, and did make an interesting demand. Connie has not been able to visit with her daughter for a month. The Judge has ordered the attorneys to rectify this immediately.

The most interesting aspect of this demand is that if this visitation schedule cannot be arranged within a day or two, Connie should file an Ex-Parte hearing. I’ll bet that made Amara mad! Amara is the queen of Ex-Parte, the idea of someone else filing a motion with 5 minutes notice will have her breaking out in a rash!

What I found particularly interesting (waiting on the hard copy), Connie has been muzzled for weeks, yet the Gag Order apparently has never been signed. Is this legal in Placer County?

Many small towns think they can employ the ‘Dukes Of Hazard’ mentality. Maybe 30 years ago it would have been possible, or even probable. Today we have a whole different world.

Oh, and check back tomorrow, we have another interesting letter that has surfaced. We just have not had time to work on that story today.

I will say this, It’s a doozy! Dustin why don’t you give me a call? I’d love to hear your side.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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