Once again the Bedwell and Thompson family were back in the courtroom on Wednesday. According to reports we have received it was a fairly interesting session with Dustin Thompson’s lawyer Sandra Amara not getting her own way, and apparently had a face like thunder upon leaving the courtroom.

The judge had called the hearing for 9am rather than the regular 1pm to permit enough time for Connie Bedwell to testify, alas this did not come to pass.

Amara came out swinging with her usual claims about Connie Bedwell violating the court order preventing her from posting articles on the internet. This offensive move quickly backfired on her when Connie Bedwell’s lawyer explained that he had a computer expert ready to testify that Amara’s claim was untrue. In fact her whole demeanor  changed, and she suggested that if Connie Bedwell close the saveaaliya.com web site and the petition site,  and that the infamous Daddy’s Worm video be removed from YouTube all actions by her client Dustin Thompson would be dropped. I assume  that would include the restraining order and the monitory sanctions.

Connie refused this offer, citing the very salient point that the web site was not hers, and so she has no control over it.

I suspect that if we do get into the computer forensics aspect Amara will end up with a good deal of egg on her face. Virtually the only press coverage of this case is right here on BNN and we are very careful to comply with the court order, so I can honestly say that no one here has had any direct contact with Connie Bedwell.

Even more damaging to the Amara case is the fact that both she and the Thompson family have repeatedly claimed that they have not used the Internet to further their agendas. A little bit of computer sleuthing and anecdotal evidence has me seriously questioning the validity of these claims. bring on the computer geeks I say.

It appears that this new judge is getting somewhat annoyed with the pranks being played by Amara and Thompson, and made it abundantly clear that the issue of visitation rights be resolved immediately.

I have made myself absolutely clear that I am not taking the child away from the mother.

The visitation rights must be reestablished within the next 7-10 days. If this order is not complied with I suspect that Amara and Thompson will be looking at some serious sanctions by the judge.

On the down side, the Judge has held the case over until August 24th.

Simon Barrett

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