This story hit our radar yesterday, and unlike some media organizations we like to pass on what we know. 60 Minutes can spend months working on a story, they do a great job, but the news is old. We here at BNN like our stories hot off the press.

We ran this story yesterday about a child abuse case happening in Auburn, California. It created a good deal of trouble in our comments section, being first is not always best?

We are moving forward with this story, today Jan and I spent quite a bit of time talking to the mother Connie Bedwell who is making the accusations of child abuse by the father. I am long in the tooth in interviewing people, I know when something does not smell right. Every question I asked, she had an answer for, and some of the questions were likely not what she expected.

Jan and I also made a phone call to her councilor, obviously no personal information could be shared, but she did verify that the essential facts are true.

With it being the weekend research on this case is slowed down. We are waiting for call backs from the Auburn Police department who gave me a pretty cool reception, and the local newspaper.

While we cannot share the content of the phone call with Connie Bedwell at this stage, we can certainly come out with the famous saying ‘there is no smoke without fire’.

There is much more research that Jan and I need to do, and we are on it!

There were a number of negative comments left on yesterdays story about the case, we would ask those people to keep an open mind.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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