My wife and I had the opportunity to talk to a close family friend last night. We were brought us up to date on the case. In the last court date (June 1) the judge stipulated that the attorneys representing both mother Connie Bedwell, and biological father Dustin Thompson needed to get together and arrange a visitation schedule. The threat was also put out, that if this could not be achieved within a couple of days then Connie Bedwell’s attorney should resort to an ex parte hearing.

Well 17 days later, nothing has been achieved. It is now 7 long weeks that Connie Bedwell has been denied access to her three year old daughter.

The next court date is scheduled for June 30, another two weeks. And it is merely a continuance. New Judge, same old stuff!

Dustin meanwhile has his attorney Sandra Amara trying to slap a $15k sanction on Connie for online transgressions. There is a supposed restraining order from Judge Kearney preventing Connie Bedwell from talking to the the press (and we here at BNN have made a point of not contacting her directly), however, no-one actually seems able to locate a ‘signed’ version of this order. Attempts by the Bedwell family to obtain this information have been unsuccessful. Judge Kearney as you might recall removed herself from the case. The reasons for her decision remain conjecture. While I could offer some insider information, I suspect that my information would only cause more trouble for the Bedwell family.

What really surprises me about this case is that it is not happening in some no name town in a no name state, Auburn is a scant 40 miles from Sacramento, California.

A Florida based specialist Dr Saturley has offered his expertise to do a comprehensive family analysis, and he is offering this at no cost. Dr. Saturley has contacted the California authorities, and they have ‘green lighted’ the project. While the Bedwell family have signed on to the project, neither Dustin Thompson, nor his attorney have even had the courtesy to return his calls. Of course that is not surprising,  Dustin Thompson has no reason to comply to the request.

One has to wonder if the courts can force Dustin Thompson, and his intransigent lawyer Amara into agreement? Clearly the Thompson family have some pull in the area. Both Dustin and his father are county employees. And I certainly cannot forget the quote from the Auburn Journal “You have to remember that we have to keep in the good graces of the local police force”. This was the quote that Jan and I received from the reporter when we pressed her about the Bedwell case! At the time I was flabbergasted that a member of the press would say such a thing. That is akin to committing Hari Kari in the press world.

In fact this case has been extremely difficult to investigate. Dustin Thompson refuses to return our calls, and the closest we have got to Amara is her office gofer, who would take a question, go ask Amara, then come back with a ‘no comment’. Amara even took the opportunity to go on a fishing expedition. Needless to say she came up empty handed. I am sure that she will be reading this article, so I will reiterate what I have said before. If Dustin is being falsely accused, why are you so reticent to talk to the press? I would also like to know why Dustin Thompson will not agree to an independent assessment? In my mind an independent assessment could go far in resolving this case. Generally it is only the guilty that would refuse such an offer.

I know if I was being accused of heinous crimes against a small child I would welcome the opportunity to clear my name.

One of the more interesting court documents is one from Connie Bedwells’s chiropractor. I hear you say “What could that have to do with anything”. It shows a clear style. A style that has been well documented about Dustin, his past conduct is somewhat questionable, but it does seem to include quite a bit of violence. One of the strange aspects involves an incident while he was in high school. Although he was 18 at the time, the records are still apparently sealed, sealed as a juvenile. The incident concerned a serious beating of a younger student.

The letter from the Chiropractor can be read here. You can draw your own conclusions. Was Dustin involved?

Simon Barrett

From Editor – Further investigations reveal that the injury referred to in the letter from the Chiropractor is reputed to be as a result of Dustin Thompson slamming Connie’s head in the trunk of the car.

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