When I am wrong, I like to fess up my sins! I was a little harsh on Florida based Dr Joseph Saturley in my last article about this case. The Bedwell family had heard nothing from him, and he had not replied to an email I had sent three days previously.

I have now heard from Dr. Saturley, and have received conformation that he has indeed contacted the Bedwell family.

Here is what I know. Dr. Saturley wants to travel to Auburn and do an evaluation on all of the major players, Connie Bedwell, Dustin Thompson, and of course the three year old Aaliyah. Connie has agreed, Dustin Thompson has opted to not return Dr. Saturley’s phone call. Of course there is no compelling reason that Dustin Thompson would wish to participate (at this stage).

Doc Joe (his radio monika) also explained that he needed to obtain a temporary credential in California, and had his application in. Much like lawyers, he is bound by state rules if his findings are going to become part of the court record he must be recognized by the state.

I do know that someone has donated the air tickets, and I am sure that Bubba and his army will be able to find him lodgings and sustenance in California.

The big fly in the ointment is Dustin, and his hired gun Amara. Without their cooperation, there is no way that Dr. Saturley will get a chance to talk will Aaliyah.

Even if Doc Joe cannot get Dustin on board, I personally feel that his evaluation of Connie Bedwell will be worth the trip.

Simon Barrett

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