This case has been dragging on for almost two years. Jan and I have only been involved for a couple of weeks, and we are mortified by it. If you have never heard the name Aaliyah Bedwell, make sure that your seat belts are firmly fastened and your seat trays are in the upright and locked position, because this story is going to explode in the next few days. If you are not familiar with it, do a Google News search on Aaliyah Bedwell.

Today’s news is hot. It seems that the lawyer for Dustin Thompson scheduled an emergency Ex-Parte hearing on Wednesday, there was no time for Connie Bedwell to get to the court room, and her Lawyer Ronald Britt was given mere minutes. Lawyer Sandra Amara was out for blood. But Sandy did not score all she wanted. Amara was looking to cut off the mothers visitation rights completely. That request was denied, however the gag order on mother Connie was made even more onerous. She now seriously faces jail for talking to the press or posting anything online. At the center of Amara’s argument is a web site, a site that is not run by any Bedwell family member. And Connie has no control over what is said on there.

Amara apparently turned up with a big stack of print outs from the site, and also from Blogger News. I am so excited to think of the amount of money Amara is spending on paper and toner for her printer. I’ll bet it is listed as a line item in her bill to Dustin Thompson.

The new gag order is so ridiculous it defies definition.

The new Judge did not however uphold the zero visitation idea and decided to keep the status quo.

Lets fast forward to today. Connie Bedwell had a one hour supervised visitation scheduled. Oh, and she pays $100 per visit. In fact I am convinced that Jan and I are in the wrong business, at $100 an hour we could be making a lot more money than we are now! Even just scheduling one a day!

Connie turned up for her visitation and was turned away. In fact she was yelled at. Oh, one has to love Placer County. We are still investigating, but the rumor mill, and we have the best sources, are telling me that this particular facility is operated by, oh you will love this, a Placer County attorney! More details to follow.

Well Placer County, all I can say is the Bogey man has you in its sights.

Pretty soon Placer County officials are going to be pig sick of the name Aaliyah Bedwell. It is going to be discussed again on btls again tomorrow, terrestrial radio for 4 hours, and then Sirius for another 4 hours.

Sandra Amara, I know you will read this article, it is time you moved from the ‘no comment’ position. We are not going away, in fact we are just starting! There are more media folks perking their ears up. So just imagine being in Palm Springs, it is 120 outside, the AC is broken, and you are in the kitchen with the oven and all four burners on.

I also found out some background information about Dustin Thompson that gave me pause for thought. Apparently while still in high school he turned up drunk, beat the crap out of someone, but even though he was 18 at the time, the court records are sealed. The only confirmation we can find is that indeed he was expelled from the school.

The rumors of drugs and alcohol abound. But I will save that for later when I have more proof.

Don’t mess with the press!

Simon and Jan Barrett

P.S. We are not Batman and Bat Girl, but we dig until we get answers.

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