Let me ask you a question. When was the last time that you called a lawyer and received an answering machine? Well I have to tell you that that happened to me today. I called Ms. ‘No Comment’ AKA Sandra Amara. Ms. Amara has been avoiding me, and today was a classic. Even the lowest of the low lawyers have some one to answer the phone, no phone represents no money. If they don’t have a gopher to answer the phone, they don’t have a business.

The last time I called this delightful lady all I received was a ‘no comment’ and that indeed came from Ms. Amara’s gopher. It was a curious conversation, and I am not quite sure why Ms. Amara wanted to avoid me. We had a conversation that involved me asking the young lady manning the phones a question, she put me on hold, asked Ms. Amara the question, and then relayed the answer back to me. It seemed silly at the time, it seems silly now. What could be so big about a case? Is this just small town insanity, or is this a red flag of something bigger?

I have no doubt that Ms. Amara has read the books, I have no doubt that she is competent at her job. What bothers me is the lack of transparency. Everything that we have researched has led us to making some conclusions about Placer County. That is for another article.

Personally, one would think that if this lady buys into the story that Dustin Thompson is not guilty of the sexual abuse claims being put forward by Connie Bedwell she would want to scream his innocence from the roof tops. Instead, she prefers to hide. Where is the sense in that?

It is a complete anathema to me.

Of course you could draw the conclusion that Ms. Amara and her elf have my number on their radar. I’ll offer some advice Ms. Amara, dodging the press is the worst thing you can do. You know my number, I am waiting.

The more that we dig into this story, the more it smells. Sure Dustin and Amara can dodge us for now, but this is a short term solution.  We are not going away, and while Dustin has temporarily managed a gag order in Connie Bedwell, it will take a great deal of time and money to slap one on us.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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