Today, United States has many problems although it is not the only country that has economic problems.

Well, what are the problems that U.S. has?

A growing income gap. A few decades ago the difference of payment between the CEO and the average worker was 40 to 1. Lately, it has been more than 400 to 1.

Outsourcing will predate not just factory workers. Computer engineers will be victims too.

A growing immigration. U.S. becomes more and more diverse. There are many students who do not finish high school simply because they do not understand English. Then, this young people will have a not so good future. There are also cultural differences.

Imported gangs such as La Mara Salvatrucha. Ethnic clashes.

A Social Security time bomb.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. has already lost almost 3,000 soldiers in Iraq. And about $600 billion. Yes, it will surpass $1 trillion.

A growing trade deficit. It was more than $700 billion in 2005.

A manufacturing capacity that has lost ground against foreign rivals.

A high rate of divorces, aborts, homicides… and yes, a huge prison population.

A life expectancy shorter than those of many rich countries. And a higher mortality rate among children too.

Then, what would happen if U.S. has a collapse similar to that of the former Soviet Union?

Russia would be by far the biggest nuclear power in the world. Also, the most advanced nation, by far, in astronautics. Would Russia dare to reconquer Alaska?

China would have the biggest economy in real prices. It could be a time of Pax Chinese. At least, economically.

The Euro would be the most important currency. Yuan and Yen would gain ground too.

NATO would disappear or change completely. No more U.S. military in Continental Europe. Drink a beer Hans!!

Israel would be in great danger. Oops!!

This would be a multipolar world.

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