Another week and another story on the debauchery that happens in cyber land. I tell you what, I hear, read and see a lot of stuff out there. We have watched the human race and society itself hit an all time low in the past few years. I keep trying to hold on and have faith in my fellow man. Taking the time to try and understand what makes a person who they are and what they have become. Remembering the words of Anne Frank when she said that all people are really good at heart. Then, we hear of Lori Drew and her actions and I think this is the lowest any person can ever go. However, I have found that they can get a whole lot worse. Not only that but discovered a whole new level of sick out there. Its not a well known level but something society needs to be aware of.

Suzy Gonzales was a 19 year old girl who loved polka dots and beating to her own drum. She was bubbly, had a great sense of humor and was a highly intelligent girl. Suzy’s smarts earned her a national Hispanic Scholar and scored a 4 year scholarship to Florida State University. However, when Suzy went to college over 3000 miles away from home, she became depressed. She had some experiences with being abused by her peers. The idea of going to college and doing so 3000 miles away was probably stressful enough. As Suzy became depressed, she had started taking medication. She had suicidal thoughts as well. One would have hoped that she would have talked to someone who could have helped her. Instead, Suzy went online and found a suicide group looking for help. This group encouraged her not to look to friends or family for support. Also, not to seek help from any professionals. These cyber bullies preyed on her vulnerability and talked her into taking her own life. Also, one predator stated that he would also take his life and they would be together. So, Suzy took her life in 2003 and this predator is still alive and well today. As a matter of fact, this is not an isolated incident.

Folks, this is a whole new level of cyber bullying and a whole new level of predator behavior. The fact that these sites are out there encouraging young, fragile kids to take their lives and allowed to do so under freedom of speech is appalling. I know many cyber bullies have hidden behind freedom of speech but how far can we allow free speech to go? Needless to say, the parents of Suzy Gonzales have taken action and formed HR 853 and need as much support as they can get in this.

This sort of behavior needs to be stopped. Having sexual predators is bad enough. However, this form of predator is not as well known and we need to raise awareness so we do not loose any other fragile and vulnerable people to this. Please, check this bill out and see how you can help. Suzy deserved so much better and so do others out there. See what you can do to put a stop to this. It only takes a voice….

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Elizabeth Bennett is the author of Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From a Psychological Perspective. She resides in Los Angeles, California.

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