by Ric Ottaiano

December 5, 2006

Having been a trial attorney for almost 25 years, I have no illusions about the profession. There are some very, very fine trial attorneys on both sides of the bar, whose primary concern is to do what’s right and achieve some semblance of justice. There are others that are just in it for the buck and as much publicity as they can manage to get which, not ironically, often leads to more bucks.

Gloria Allred, often referred to as a white Johnnie Cochran in a bra, is one that firmly fits in the latter category. I’ve had the opportunity to lock horns with her once quite a few years ago, although I’m sure she wouldn’t remember, but she was as publicity oriented then as she is now. Case in point is the lawsuit she has threatened as a result of the Michael Richards imbroglio.

I deal with harassment and discrimination lawsuits for a living and let me tell you that there is absolutely no basis for any claim by any audience member who witnessed Michael Richards’ blow up. That is a fact. Of course, that doesn’t mean some race-baiting attorney can’t try to pull off the litigation equivalent of a great train robbery and take advantage of Michael Richards’ pathetic attempts to try and save what was left of his career.

[Note:  In a nod to journalistic integrity, I need admit that the image above is the long lost Gloria Allred-Michael Jackson love child]

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