I have to admit to everyone that I am by far no professional or expert on the subject. I have never claimed to be, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see there is something wrong in this world.

We see mother’s or father’s harming their innocent children which will scar them for the rest of their lives or even worse take their lives before they even have a chance in this world.

We see the courts let criminals that are clearly sex offenders back out on the streets knowing that just because they served their time, they haven’t learned anything. Officials know they are more than likely going to go right back out and commit another horrible thing again. They take these small children and they abuse them. They torture them, rape them and then kill them.

Some are obsessed with having their own children that they just pick randomly one from a park, shopping center, schools and even while they are out playing in their own yards at their home.

The point is there are so many people taking innocent children from their family only never to be seen again.

In July of 2008 I read a news story about the two year old child from Orlando Florida, Caylee Anthony. Something kept pushing me to follow the story. Usually when I would write something I would write the article, publish it and go on to something else but something about this precious child’s eyes got to me. I couldn’t get her off of my mind so I found myself checking the news everyday. I had no clue this would become a high profile case that has been delayed over and over again while defense attorneys try every trick in the book to keep their client from facing a jury that would determine her fate. Caylee’s remains were found on December 11, 2008. Her mother has been charged with first degree murder of her daughter and she is facing the death penalty and is now the trial is scheduled to begin the first part of May of 2011.

In January of 2009 a little 6 year old boy, Adji Desir disappeared from his grandmother’s home where he had been playing. Once again this was also in Florida. Adji’s grandmother was watching Adji while his mother was at work. To the best of my knowledge this little boy has never been found. We don’t hear his name in the news anymore. Where is Adji Desir? That is a good question, does anyone have an answer? Someone somewhere has the answer.

In February of 2009 we got involved with another case of a missing little girl from Florida as well. This time it was a 5 year old child, Haleigh Cummings, with the most beautiful smile ever on her face that has now captured the hearts of just about any mother or father that has read about her case. Haleigh’s case has become a much publicized case and I am sure that the one responsible for this little girl never dreamed it would get so big. Families fighting against each other, pointing their fingers at any suspect they can to keep LE from blaming them. Everyone wants to be the one to solve this case.

The problem here is that somewhere along the line a lot of people forgot why they were here to begin with. They seem to have forgotten that the main focus here should be about the sweet adorable little girl, Haleigh Cummings that no one seems to know where she is. There is basically no news. Sure they have the three main people involved in jail for drug charges and most seem satisfied that they are behind bars but as of yet no one has been charged in Haleigh’s case. Haleigh hasn’t been found and all we hear are theories and opinions but some are completely convinced that their theory is correct, mainly because of their sources that they trust.

No one can give a straight answer. Rumors pass around that this person knows for sure this or that but no one questions if they indeed know these facts then why they wouldn’t be charged with obstruction of justice. If suddenly they have all this information, why go directly to the media. Why go on national TV just to announce what you “Think” happened. More importantly, if it is true how come the person said to be responsible has not been charged with Haleigh’s murder.

All this comes back to the one question, where is Haleigh Cummings? How come none of these people have gone to LE and reported what they know before now. If they would little Haleigh just might have been found before now. Where is Haleigh?

In October of 2009 another Florida girl disappeared, 7 year old Somer Thompson. She was walking home from school when she was separated from her sister and brother. Somer was never seen alive again after that. A few days after she was reported missing her lifeless little body was found in a Georgia landfill. He legs were sticking out but the rest was covered with garbage. This precious child was thrown out like trash.

In November of 2009 a little 5 year old girl, Shaniya Davis, from Fayetteville, NC was kidnapped. Her mother claimed that the last time she saw her daughter was about 5:30 that morning but the police expected foul play right away. This little girl was a beautiful child. I hated reporting that this little girl’s body had been found off the side of the road along a pile of trash and deer carcasses. She had been thrown out with the garbage. The man that took her was caught on video tape carrying the child going towards an elevator. He was caught and charged with first degree murder and first degree rape of a child and kidnapping. The mother also was involved and charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. It turns out the mother had apparently sold her daughter as a sex slave to the man.

These cases are just a few that I have reported on. There are too many for me to sit and list right now. Everyday I get notices of another person missing. I wonder why so many. What have all these children done to deserve this? Are the drug and alcohol problems out there gotten so bad that we now are having our innocent children paying for the addictions? What can we do? God only knows other than keep praying, I don’t have an answer.

There are a few happy endings in some of the missing children’s cases. The children are found safe and unharmed. That is an answer to a lot of prayers. Remember 11 year old Jaycee Dugard? She was kidnapped in June of 1991. She was gone for 18 years and she was located in August of 2009. Her kidnappers kept her hid and by then she had 2 children of her own. Imagine how her family felt when they got the news that she was alive and had been found.

If this were your child taken from you and then found, you would be down on your knees thanking God, so would I. What about those that are still waiting for a knock at their front door and find their missing child standing there.

I just wrote an article about a 10 year old girl who disappeared when she had gone to her neighborhood grocery store to buy candy that was only two blocks from her home. It was as though she just disappeared out of thin air. It has been 17 years now since Andrea Parsons was last seen by her loved ones. Detectives have never been able to solve this case. You can go here and see the progressed photo they come up with to give everyone an idea of what this girl (now grown woman, if she is indeed out there alive somewhere) would look like today in case anyone sees her.

We can all write to our congress, we can write to our Governors and hell we could even write to the president of the United States but will this help find the answers. I don’t know but it can’t hurt to try. Why do they let the people that commit such crimes back out on the streets. Laws can be changed to make the punishments more harsh if only they would do it. Why won’t they listen to mothers and father’s screaming at them to do something to help save our children, the future of this country? Why do they wait until tragedy hits one of our homes before even noticing that another crime has been inflicted upon an innocent child?

Someone needs to be a Voice for the Missing, whether it be a young child or an adult even that has disappeared. Someone needs to speak up. I am limited to what I can do here but I can ask everyone out there to please reach out. If someone is missing in your area, continue writing and asking LE about the case especially if it seems to being cold. Sometimes this really adds pressure to them to try harder to solve the case.

Do this because you care though. Do it because you want this attack on our children to stop. Do this to hopefully prevent it from happening to yet another innocent child. I pray that God will lead these children home. I could go on and on with this but I am going to stop. I am just going to ask that everyone join together and try to fight this. United We Stand! Help save the children. God bless them all.

Jan Barrett

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