We moved to Carriere in November 2016, the house sits on 3 acres, yes this is country living. Rental properties often come with restrictions and ‘to do’ lists. Often one of the restrictions is no dogs allowed. We had quite the opposite issue. It came with two Pitbulls.

I like animals, cats, dogs, possums, etc, and they always seem to like me. The dogs ad names, but I didn’t know what they were, so I christened them Mr and Mrs Boris.  Oddly enough it took almost no time at all for them to respond to their new names.

Mr Boris as the sensible, thoughtful dog. Mrs Boris the complete opposite, the ‘Pitbull in a china shop’.

In mid December Mr Boris went missing. He just was not outside one morning. Days went by, and eventually it became clear that something had happened to him. He was a large and very good looking dog. I don’t know if he was AKC registered, if he was, he would have been a great breeding dog.

I liked to think that Mr. Boris had been dog-napped. For the past 6 weeks my out doors companion has been the ‘hell on wheels’ Mrs Boris. Actually she has tempered her assault on the planet and taken to falling asleep next to my chair on the deck.

OK, lets talk about the strange thing. Two days ago Mrs Boris turned up filthy and smelling like a goat. I told her to go out of my nose range and lay down.

Last night a skull was found in the front of the house. Definitely Dog, and still had some hair attached. It was Mr. Boris.

I have some questions, Mr Boris was not a small dog, He wasn’t a mean dog, but I would not have wanted to tangle with him.

Who or what dispatched Mr Boris?

I think Mrs Boris brought her husband home. Am I crazy?

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