I was bored, well you can only watch seeds you have planted for so long. ‘Jack’ the beanstalk grows an inch a day, while that sounds a lot it boils down to less than 1/24th an inch per hour. Watching CSPAN cover the senate  or the Weather Channel tell me that the chance of rain is zero% as I watch it fall from my office under the car port is riveting stuff compared to Jack the beanstalk.

My wife asked me if I wanted to go with her to the Dollar Store, of course I said yes. Maybe they had dollars on discount, maybe even a two for one deal? I give them $1 and they give me $2 in return. Jan explained that that was not how dollar stores work, so settled instead on a big bag of Gummi Bears. They are perfect for snacking on in bed while watching TV. I find that I tend to drop nuts and they wake me up at 3am having somehow wriggled their way under my body. They are irritating things.

Cadburys chocolate is another of my bed time snacks. My wife doesn’t like it nearly as much. A dropped piece of chocolate creates havoc in the bed when it melts. So I stick with Gummi Bears, they don’t melt and the don’t stick you in the ribs at 3am.

OK I went off on a bit of a tangent, so let me return to the point of the article. Coming back from the store there was a road sign that caught my attention.

mowers ahead

Even though I have lived for 35 years on this side of the pond I still battle with some of the language mutations. You chop wood with an axe not an Ax. And if lost you ‘ask’ for directions rather than “I axed this dude”.

I assumed that ‘Mowers’ were in this same class of word and spent the rest of the journey looking for Moa’s.


The Moa became extinct around 1400 CE, but who knows, maybe there are a few still lurking in Mississippi. Just in case, I have put an extra scoop of food in the cat bowl. But the Moa had hurry up else ‘Trump’ the possum will eat it.


Simon Barrett

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