It’s 24mths today since your coward killers thought they have succeeded in silencing Deyda Hydara. How wrong could they have been? Though dead he still poses a threat, and we are glad we aren’t the only ones crying. People from all around the world join us in mourning your gory death. You are our jewel , we love and will always miss u. Death is part of life that is the natural order of things, but to lose you in such an inhumanly manner is absolutely numbing! We try to live as much as possible but some days is hard to think about even hard to breathe. All we do is try not to make your dead greater than your life by celebrating your life like you wanted. How can we let you go when nothing could ever take your place. At times it seems as though nothing could comfort us but with the support of few God fearing Gambians and support and recognition from international organization we have the faith to live.

We are glad you were never a coward and that you never gave in to threats and intimidation for you took the ultimate sacrifice and left this world and honorable man. You gave so much yet received so little as your reward was priceless,FREEDOM- that is all you wanted; it’s a shame your ignorant killers thought different. They are right in a way and we thank them and their cohorts in adding your name to the great men of not only Africa but of the world. There is no greater joy than having your name inscribed on a tablet stone in France few meters from Charles de Gulles and warriors of the 2nd World War. You were denied a wreath to be laid on the accident site in your country but now you have more than that in another country not in Africa but all the way in Europe. Our lives have been changed forever, our dreams and plans all killed with you, We have nothing left to lose after losing you.

We know you  have moved on to a better place which couldn’t be said for your ignorant coward killer as they will spend the rest of their lives looking Over their shoulders, wondering how and when they would be killed like Deyda Hydara. They lose it at the sound of his name, like a lot of cowards who deny ever knowing him or had little or nothing to do with him all for what? Greed, power and wealth and besides who are they afraid of offending?  Who is so threatened by Deyda? Why could they be so threatened so much by the dead? unless they’ve got his blood on their hands. All the same, thank you for denying any knowledge of him as it would have been an insult to his memory; we don’t need cowards contribution to his memoir. It’s our compassion not powers that separates us from the bad guys. What happened to freedom of speech doesn’t it exist anymore? Where has our morals gone? Why or how would seating in class, going to the same school or chairing a meeting with Deyda make one feel so scared they have to lie, hide, and deny; shame on you cowards!

Unfortunately your quest for freedom never came with a bullet prove vest, this your evil killers knew and used to get rid of you as three bullets were the only means they knew of stopping (Deyda); as you always reminded us “I will keep on writing unless I get killed” in a way we are glad that you died for a worthy cause for which we will always be proud of you. It is never too late for justice .
Adieu Papa.                                                    

Posted on Wednesday, December 20, 2006 (Archive on Saturday, December 30, 2006)
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