Only in the topsy-turvy, bizarro world of the politically correct, does this make sense.

A Muslim spokesman defends the right of Minneapolis-St. Paul Muslim cab drivers to refuse to transport persons carrying alcohol (as well as, although not mentioned, blind persons with guide dogs and homosexuals) claiming that, to not allow them to do so, it is the height of “intolerance”.

I imagine then that if my backward belief system required me to refuse service to what it considered the “the dark skinned, sub-human populations from Africa” we would still be having this discussion.

Let us think clearly here. What is the difference between separate taxi cabs and separate drinking fountains?

And while were at it here, let me head off the anticipated silly rejoinder. Yes, some Christians believe that homosexuality is sinful, and perhaps should not be accepted. However, tolerance is different from acceptance and a cabdriver who was a true Christian would not be calling upon the government to enable him in his employment to discriminate against another human being merely because of personal characteristics, habits or qualities.

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