How you figure? Those folks over at Reuters obviously don’t know what the hell is going on here in the land of Beschwerden (complaints) when one of them actually has the gall to entitle his/her piece “Choir full of moans a surprise hit in Germany.” Of course it would be a hit here. How could it not be a hit here? And just what are you trying to imply with that “surprise” part anyway, pal? Are you German or something? You’re distorting the picture and disinformationating everybody when you use words like “surprise” in the complaining in Germany context like that. And that’s just not right. I’m going to complain. As a matter of fact I already am.

Ask any German on the street. Ask any German kid at the Kindergarten. Ask any smart German scientific psychology professor guy from Berlin’s FU (and he ought to actually know why), he’ll explain it to you: “If you compare Germany to any other European country, especially on the Mediterranean, the Germans have an exceptional inclination when it comes to moaning and groaning, from the weather to the economy everything seems to be worth grumbling about in Germany,” he might tell you. Just like he told the folks at Reuters, I mean.

They have an “exceptional inclination”? That’s the nice word(s) for it. It’s actually an exceptionally exceptional inclination. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to directly ask anyone here in Germany about complaining. They don’t want to inconvenience you by having to wait and struggle with their language or anything and come right at you with the complaining first. That’s how exceptionally inclined to complain they are. It’s in the mother’s milk here, and the beer. It’s on the autobahn and at the Oktoberfest and in the Lederhosen. It’s in the green air that they breath. It’s in their Weltanschauung und Zeitgeist and all that stuff, too. It’s what they do.

Complaining? Me complain? Hell yeah I’m complaining. I’m made as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. And if you don’t like it then you can just kiss my grits and go write your senator or your house representative or your governor unless of course you’re from Alaska because you’d be wasting your time as she’s very busy right now and complain to them. Not like they or anybody else could care less or anything. You big moaner.  

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