There has been a lot of scuttlebutt about Cobra over the past couple of days, he asked me to publish an article explaining his position and exactly what is going on. To know Cobra is to love him, but he does have a bit of a habit of speaking in Cobra, I have done my best to translate, and any mistakes are entirely mine and unintentional – Simon

I do not want to take up any more radio time as there are more important news stories than mine. I do however want to address the E-mails that are asking me to make statements about Kim, Jim, and who the Lone Ranger is.

Tim Holmseth in my simple understanding of complex people, is as off the wall as the people that follow him on his site. I have had no dealings with Tim for some time, and do not plan on talking with him in the foreseeable future. In my opinion he has little honor and his integrity is now in question. To some he might even be viewed as an internet terrorist.

Many of you have likely heard the tapes put out by Holmseth. Yes I did say those things. I swore a lot. I was very angry with the system, I was very very angry with Kim, I was very angry with some online posters, and I was very angry with Tim. There does however come a day of reckoning, and this seems to be it. On one of the tapes I said that I thought Kim was the devil, and that she was trying to set up White Boy Greg. In retrospect, maybe she was just testing my integrity. Maybe she did not know what to say or do as she had me as a friend, and a client that was making her job as a lawyer unbearable. It obviously did not help that I was looking side ways at her client. Kim is, and was governed by the ethics of her profession and realized that she needed to distance herself from me in order to protect her client. I make no apology, I was merely reacting to what I had seen and perceived, if the truth is a lie, and the lie is the truth, then I was on the wrong case. I am sure that part of the frustration was caused because I was these to investigate on Haleigh’s behalf, I viewed the missing girl as my boss, not the family members. No one was above suspicion. The net result was that I managed to upset one on the best Civil Attorneys in Florida, I also took a couple of shots at the prosecutors investigators brother. Once again, I am not sure that it was the best move, but I wanted to do everything I could for Haleigh Cummings.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge, as a result Kim and I are patching up our long standing friendship.

The mission is to find Haleigh Cummings, it always has been.

There are web sites that continue to spew untruths and innuendo, it is time to put the crayons away, and get back to following the facts.

The are some very fresh insights coming to light in Satsuma, I suggest that we all get up to speed and follow the investigative facts as we know them. The rubbish being printed by crayon boy, is simply that. We must get on the right path and stop the curve balls, only then can we move forward.

The bottom line is that some of us are mature enough to forgive, there is honor in that. Since it was me that brought both Kim and Art into this mess, it is me, not them, that is responsible for the outcome.

William Cobra Staubs

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